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Public Speaker

Robert L. Hollis, Ph.D.

Clinical Christian Counseling
Marriage Therapist / Relationship Coach

In the world of public speaking, there's knowledge, there's charisma, and then there's Dr. Robert L. Hollis, "Dr. Rob."  Engaging, interactive, witty, and deeply factual, he relates to his audiences to bring hope and practical guidance to couples, and to singles seeking true love. His passion? Unleashing the transformative potential of relatable wisdom to elevate relationships and change lives forever.

The Life and Career of Dr. Rob -- Bounce

After graduating from Notre Dame in 1992, Rob embarked on a promising career as a software engineer while embracing the role of a devoted family man. However, the painful experience of infidelity disrupted both his engineering aspirations and family life, triggering a profound faith crisis. In 2015, Rob experienced a spiritual reawakening and dedicated his life to Christ. He answered a higher calling to save marriages by speaking to the hearts of singles, and bringing couples closer together. This mission led him to his partner in both life and purpose, Winona. Together, they have founded Eternal Light Christian Counseling Services, a nonprofit organization established to make professional Christian counseling more accessible.

The Man Behind the Mission

Dr. Rob isn't just another public speaker. He's a relationship visionary on a mission to transform lives through the power of understanding and connection. His passion for this mission is palpable, and his speaking style is nothing short of captivating, engaging, and interactive.

A Blend of Wisdom and Wit

What makes Dr. Rob's approach truly remarkable is his unique blend of wisdom and wit. He's not just about facts; he's about making those facts relatable, memorable, and actionable. With a deep foundation in temperament theory, Biblical studies, applied psychology, and a wealth of clinical and personal experiences, Dr. Rob is equipped with the knowledge to inspire change.

Unlocking Insights, One Engagement at a Time

At Dr. Rob's speaking engagements, you won't be a passive observer; you'll be an active participant in a transformative experience. You'll laugh, you'll learn, and you'll grow. His presentations are more than speeches; they're catalysts for personal and relational growth.

Strengthen Your Core

As the glue that holds your core building blocks together, personal relationships hold tremendous power and influence over the health and vitality of the larger structures they are part of.

The ripple effect of strong marriages and family relationships is profound. It starts at the core and extends outward, shaping the character of corporations, communities, and congregations alike. By investing in the well-being of these foundational relationships, we can create environments where people thrive, trust flourishes, and unity prevails. So, let's start with strengthening relationships, for they are the bedrock upon which a brighter future for all is built.


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Pastor Roderick B.

September 27, 2023

Guiding Lives with Skill and Grace

Robert L. Hollis (“Rob”) excels as a teacher and exhorter. He is capable in both the study and unpacking of Scripture for audiences at various levels of maturity. Over the years I have watched as Rob had developed skill in (1) explaining the relevance of a topic, (2) stepping through the parts of a passage to help people understand the meaning, and (3) clearly communicating expectations based on a clear teaching of Scripture.

Beyond his ability to handle Scripture well in the pulpit is his ability and willingness to do discipleship. Rob has seen success and fruit in the work of mentoring young men toward maturity. In the context of counseling he has helped people understand their own issues and how to apply biblical principles toward getting better. Some of the people that have been mentored by Rob have moved out of divorce and dysfunctional views of relationships into productive friendships and marital bliss. The Lord is using Robert L. Hollis to bring people good news about the good life in Christ.

I have always been glad about what has come as a result of people spending time with Rob. He is a good counselor and a much needed light in this present darkness through a persistent example of following Jesus.

Q. Darcus

September 9, 2023

Makes intricate subjects captivating and relatable.

Dr. Rob's ability to connect with the audience and deliver complex concepts in a way that is easily understandable is nothing short of remarkable. His teaching style is engaging and relatable. He has a unique way of breaking down even the most intricate subjects into simple, digestible pieces of information. His use of real-life examples and anecdotes not only makes the content more relatable but also keeps the audience captivated and eager to learn.

Dr. Rob's speaking style is not just about imparting knowledge; it's also about motivating and empowering others. He encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones and take action. His words resonate long after the seminar is over, serving as a constant source of inspiration and guidance.

Pastor George & Stephanie F.

June 24, 2023

Dr. Rob will inspire, engage, and elevate you!

It is a great pleasure hearing Dr. Robert Hollis being a highly intelligent and anointed man of God to reach and teach all that he has the pleasure to speak to.

Dr. Rob is added as one of the great orators in our day as God has made him unique with motivational insight for all people regarding relationships and the families. When he speaks it will make you think, laugh and learn all at the same time. He is always encouraging the engagement of the audience and inspires you to look at things from a higher mindset that comes from God. Dr. Rob is not only trained and skilled to teach but is absolutely great at making you feel comfortable enough to engage with him, just like family. He teachings and books reflect his honor to God, and his beautiful wife, and family. Dr. Rob is one that is integral in character to trust to guide you and motivate you and inspire you to be better in all you do. Pastor George and Stephanie Foley have been and continue to be highly blessed by the ministry and life of Dr. Rob and highly endorse the teaching and inspirational messages and family enlightenments of motivational speaking that he shares with all. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share our heart of Dr. Rob.

Mindi O.

February 19, 2023

Engaging, down to earth, and knowledgeable.

Dr. Rob is an engaging, down to earth, knowledgeable speaker. He is a Christian family man who is loved and admired by many. He is gentle, personable, humble, and relates well with people from many walks of life.

Dr. Rob does his research and entertains his audience with truth, good advice, and humor. He always finishes with food for thought and I look forward to future gems of wisdom from him. Time spent with Dr. Rob is never wasted.

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