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Marriage Workshops

Elevate Your Marriage Workshops

Raise Your Relationship IQ

Seriously Fun and Insightful!

In these workshops, we combine applied psychology and Christian tenets with your personal experiences to boost your Relationship IQ!


You ain’t seen nothin’ like this, but that’s just the afternoon!

The evening brings our beloved

Lifelong Love Date Night!


Team Hollis, Ph.D.s

Relationship Specialists

Let's face it, the world of relationship advice is flooded with 'experts' who haven't experienced heartbreak. Take comfort in knowing that we deliver insights from applied relationship theory and biblical instruction.


All to help you

Make Love Last a Lifetime

Doctors in Clinical Christian Counseling

Certified and Licensed by the

National Christian Counselors Association

Retreat-style Workshops

Combining applied psychology, Christian tenets, and raw experience to boost your Relationship IQ

Communication in Marriage

1: Communication Breakdown

Break down the 3 levels of communication that lead to deeper relationships.

forgiveness in marriage

4: Finding Forgiveness in Your Heart

Learn how to move past trauma.

Compassionate Confrontation

2: Compassionate Confrontation

A fair fight starts with the goal of keeping peace.

marital focal points

5: Marital Focal Points

Explore ways to engender comfort and trust.

Better Apologies

3: Level-up Your Apologies

Discover how to put real meaning into your expressions of empathy anregret.

love and respect

6: Love & Respect

Receive 3 fundamental behaviors that will elevate any relationship.

Make Love Last a Lifetime

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