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Rob and Winona Relationship Experts

Dr. Rob & Dr. Lynne

Doctors in Clinical Christian Counseling
Licensed by the NCCA

Life is no fairytale, but God paints your life as a breath-giving mural when you take it all in with trust and gratitude.

Meet Robert "Dr. Rob" Hollis and Winona "Dr. Lynne" Hollis.  Find hope in their story and inspiration in His Word.

Our Story

Founders Rob and Winona Hollis were called to help marriages after enduring their respective divorces. "There must be some way to save marriages before they start," and it became clear that the best place to start is in the heart of the single.

So, they devoted their lives to better marriages, starting with their own, refusing to go down another dead-end road. Their training has brought them significant insight through professional certifications and degrees:

  • Author: "Feeling Forsaken?  The Revelation of God's Love in Your Suffering"

  • Certified SYMBIS Facilitators (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts)

  • Certified PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitators

  • Creators: Your Perfect Companion Assessment (PCA)

  • Creators: Critical Marriage Alignment (CMA) Process 

  • Pastoral Counselors 

  • Master's Degrees in Christian Counseling (Temperament Theory / Temperament Therapy)

  • Ph.Ds in Clinical Christian Counseling

  • Certified Temperament Counselors
    (National Christian Counseling Association)

In addition to their formal training, they have also learned the hard knocks of love after making poor decisions. Yes, they have lived the dark side of 'making their own way' in love, and their training has deepened their understanding as to why so many people take the same, errant steps. They are not here to judge you, just to help you avoid the pitfalls that lead to broken spirits, broken hearts, and broken families.

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