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Rebuild and Strengthen Your Marriage

Marriage is for the wise and strong.  How else could someone survive it?!

Let's be real; many do not survive.  Will you?

Most problems start small, but when left unchecked they smolder and burst into untamed infernos!

Marriages get on the road to divorceville with the words "we can take care of this ourselves".  Every marriage needs counseling.  The level of counseling you need is for you to determine below.

lost love in marrriage

Where did our love go?

Your love is still inside you, but your misalignment makes you feel misunderstood, mistreated, and dismissed.

Alignment is actually the easiest and most pervasive issue to fix!

Your Critical Marriage Alignment is 1 questionnaire, 1 counseling session, and a plan to address the core needs you don't even realize you have!

Schedule a free consultation below.

the exceptional marriage

Be the Ones Who Overcome

Your Critical Marriage Alignment will cut through weeks, even months of counseling to get to the root of what's wrong.

For light, maintenance counseling from there, our Companion Couples program keeps your marriage well-tuned and running strong.

If you still have some heavy-lifting, Marriage Therapy is the way to go.

For help in deciding what's best for you, schedule a free consultation.

love returning in marriage

True Love Will Last

Something happened, something has been happening.  You both have dug deep trenches, walled yourselves off from each other, and that exit door seems like the only way out.

But there is hope!

Our Marriage Intensive is not some weekend get away with results that fade on the way home.  If you have the heart, we'll invest serious time in you to renew your marriage.

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