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The Uncommon Marriage Intensive

A Marriage Intensive is like couples therapy on steroids.  It's a concentrated program that digs deep into your most pressing issues, such as infidelity, communication problems, lack of intimacy, or anything!

Uncommon?  Yes!  First, we listen to your hot issues.  Then we quickly get to the bottom of those issues with Temperament Therapy.  Finally, we spend 6 to 8 weeks helping you put right what once went wrong.

8 Weeks?  Why can't we just take a weekend?!

Yes, we take spend 8 weeks with you because issues that get patched quickly re-emerge quickly too. We take our time because restoration is a process and we care about your healing.

You didn't get this broken in a weekend;

it'll take more than a weekend to get fixed!

So if you're tired of feeling neglected, overworked, and resentful in your marriage, it's time to take action.  Book a free consultation now to discover how we can help you in your most critical marital issues.

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