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The Couple's Advance

According to the American Belgian Draft Horse Association, a single Belgian Draft Horse can pull a weight of approximately 4 tons.  Two horses working together can pull around 12 tons.  When trained to work together, these powerful animals can pull around 16 tons!


Likewise, our Couple's Advance retreat helps you get more out of your marriage than the sum of its parts. Like Belgian Draft Horses, couples can achieve much more when they work together in harmony. During this retreat, we will coach you to unlock your potential as a team and overcome any obstacles that are holding you back. We will show you how to harness your collective strength to pull more weight than you ever could on your own. Don't settle for a mediocre marriage - join us for the Couple's Advance and reach new heights together!

unmet potential in marriage

Unmet Potential

Your marriage is good.  You're content, but something is missing.

You were meant to do more!


Is your marriage living up to what God put you together to do?

Are you growing?

wlking in purpose in marriage

Walk in Purpose

Get uncomfortable together!

Take on challenges and shine together.

You can never reach the mountaintop if you never climb.


Climb together and shine together as you pursue your purpose.

soaring in marriage

A Retreat Like No Other!

The Couple's Advance goes way past vision.

Perceive, Plan, Pursue

Partner with your Paraclete to refine yourselves, define your callings, and push forward in purpose.

Sorry, but not sorry... this is no vacation!

Mentally, spiritually, be ready to get to work on your future!

Stay tuned...

So far, these retreats have been private affairs.

We may soon open them up to a small enrollment before going full-public.

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