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Critical Marriage Alignment


What exactly is this and how does it work? You will receive and comparative analysis of your core tendencies and specific instructions on how to elevate your marriage. This includes a personalized devotional, unique to the nuances of your marriage. This process focuses on the unique combination of your hard-wired, God-given tendencies: your temperament. Destructive problems surface when your temperament needs are denied. Man and wife are both sensitive to unmet needs, and can unwittingly unravel a beautiful relationship because of a simple lack of understanding. Your temperament needs may go unmet because your spouse does not recognize or understand them. When your temperament needs go unmet, you fall prey to your weaknesses and your marriage falls apart. Step 1: You each take a 15-minute questionnaire, online. We'll send you the link. Step 2: When you're done, we perform an in-depth comparative analysis and produce your report. Step 3: You download your report from the "My Documents" section of this portal. Optional: We'll go over your results with you to bring clarity and answer any questions. As Temperament Therapists, we specialize in re-aligning strained marriages. We often find that aligning causes all other issues to fade away. Sign up, let's do this, and discover the unknown challenges you've been struggling to overcome.



2 Plans Available, From $197.00
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