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Couple's Advantage Essential Insights

Kissing Fiancee on Forehead

Know Each Other Better
Than You Know Yourself

You may have taken couple's assessments before
(yes, we are certified to administer both),
but there's never before been

an assessment that compares you two
down to your God-given core.

Based on research dating back to Socrates, this assessment focuses on the unique combination of hard-wired, God-given tendencies in each of us: temperament.  Destructive problems surface when the needs of the temperament are denied.  Man and wife are both sensitive to unmet needs, and can unwittingly unravel a beautiful relationship because of a simple lack of understanding.  


Temperament needs go unmet because they are not recognized or understood.  When temperament needs go unmet, you fall prey to your weaknesses and become selfish in pursuing ways to satisfy your needs. 

Get The Advantage

The Couple's Advantage Essential Insights (CAEI) Report
is a professional, clinical assessment that gets to
the core of who you are as a couple.


Don't worry, this assessment will not tell you
if you should or should not marry.
Rather it will give you an intimate understanding
of each other, that will be 
eye-opening and enlightening.

These insights could save your marriage!

Couple's Advantage Essential Insights
Rob and Winona Relationship Experts

More info about CAEI...

This couple's assessment is based on millennia of research and creates profiles for you and your loved one that are over 95% accurate in identifying your respective inborn, God-given needs.   It reveals the “hidden problems” that can take years of marriage to surface, plus a series of counseling sessions to identify.

Presently, over 3,000 Christian leaders, ministers, and professional Christian counselors rely on this "Arno Profile System" to aid them in counseling individuals.  We offer this system to couples to arm them with insight to subdue inevitable enemy attacks on their godly marriages.

By itself, this assessment will provide essential insights that you'll need to be the best spouse you can be.  Add it to our BASICS premarital course to get a deeper understanding of each other's behaviors.

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