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Eternal Light
Christian Counseling Services

Dr. Lynne and Dr. Rob have joined the
Eternal Light Counseling Group

Eternal Light is a nonprofit organization established to make Professional Christian Counseling more accessible.

Save Your Marriage Before It's Too Late: We Got Your Back!

Are you tired of coming home to a warzone instead of a loving home? Do you miss those good old days when your partner was your best friend, but now they feel like a stranger? Well, it's time to stop playing games and start working on your marriage! We have been called to help you get back on track and make your love last a lifetime.

We get it.  We've lived it!  Marriage isn't easy.  It gets gritty, especially when you got demanding jobs, kids with non-stop activities, and limited resources.  But we also know that it's all too easy to neglect your marriage, leading to resentment, frustration, and even affairs.


That's why our unique approach to marriage therapy based on temperament theory, Christian tenets, and personal experience is designed to address the core issues that have been keeping you apart.

Book a free consultation now to discover how

we can help you in your personal marital challenges.

Make Love Last a Lifetime

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