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Divorced / Single-Again

Who have you really lost trust in?

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Your Shattered Heart

There comes a moment of truth.  It might have been when you discovered that your spouse was untrue.  It might be now, after the fight, when you are alone.

REVELATION: The one who held your heart didn't value you.

It's not your fault!

There's a deep chasm in your chest where your heart used to be, nothing left but shards that will cut anyone who dares to come close!

That may be your defense for now, but that's no way to live.

If you turn away from love because one person was not worthy of you, you've given that person far too much power over you!


Divorce Aftercare

You were not meant to go through this alone.  In fact, the enemy intends to isolate you, let you wallow and roll into your weaknesses.


It doesn't have to be this way!


You feel like you're alone in this misery, but every divorce victim needs recovery... even if you're the one who filed.


Some communities may condemn or criticize, and some may sympathize.  Divorce Aftercare is here to empathize and actually help you through with understanding that will mend your heart.


Counseling from the Heart

What you're going through is both common and unique.  Winona and Rob have both experienced divorce trauma and have been trained on how to help you rise above this valley.
Certified and licensed by the National Christian Counseling Association, we guide you through healing and understanding to help you thrive again.

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